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Easing Anxiety Presented by Laurie Moore, PhD

Web Conference Description

Anxiety may be a sign of undigested emotion from recent or long ago times. In this Web Conference, Dr. Moore will discuss steps from her therapeutic approach, Success Love Now, that can assist people with anxiety to return to states of ease, peace, joy, and fulfillment. This particular Web Conference will focus on understanding the underlying causes of anxiety as well as ways to make positive changes to reduce and/or eliminate anxiety. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of anxiety, and learn that anxiety can be the result of undigested emotions form previous or current situations. Dr. Moore will offer participants a way of thinking and being in which goal achievement can be done in equanimity and joy. Participants will also learn about three specific tools that assist with the transformation of anxiety.

Easing Anxiety


About Laurie Moore, PhD
Laurie Moore, PhD

Laurie Moore, PhD

Dr. Laurie Moore can be seen or heard online speaking with Gangaji, Deepak Chopra, and Penelope Smith, as well as top media places like, Fox News Live, O’Reilly Factor and Seeing Beyond. Holding a global private practice in coaching and hypnotherapy, a Santa Cruz, CA based therapy practice in person, and seminars in Hawaii and Portugal, Dr. Moore brings joy and inspiration to her work. Author of Creative Intimacy, Indimiracles, and The Cat’s Reincarnation and Unconditional Trust in Love, she can be seen on 30 community TV stations across the USA in her show "Universal Love and Animal Communication." Dr. Laurie has taught graduate psychology students at San Francisco State, Johnson State, and undergraduate students at Chico State.


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How the Web Conference Works

Participants will be able to listen to the live event by calling in to our teleconference center. Prior to the event, all participants will be sent an email with instructions on how to log in to the teleconference center. This event will include lecture, interaction, and question and answer periods.

Registration Information

This teleconference is free to the general public.