About the Web Development Team

Web Development Team

Our highly skilled and creative web developers, programmers, and designers keep GoodTherapy.org running smoothly to ensure the best possible user experience.

  • Becca Fraser    SEO Director

    Becca has always walked the fine line between creativity and logic. After completing her associate of arts degree at Centralia Community College, she moved on to Washington State University Vancouver and earned a degree in digital technology and culture. At WSU Vancouver she learned about web design, coding, and the psychology behind how people use websites and why.

    After college, Becca landed her first real job as a content writer with a search engine optimization company. While SEO had been touched on briefly in her classes, this experience revealed it as a much bigger, fascinating industry. She quickly moved from simple content production to being involved with website development and SEO-related tasks. Since joining GoodTherapy.org in early 2013, she has been working hard to make sure people can find our content and easily connect with therapists.

    In her free time, Becca enjoys curling up with good books, playing new video games, and exploring the world. Having grown up on a farm, she enjoys the outdoors and animals, though she has room for only a cat in her apartment. She has long harbored an interest in martial arts, including taekwondo, as well as fencing and archery. When she can find the time, she has also been known to tackle crafts such as chainmail jewelry.

  • Kris Clark    Web Development Manager

    Kris joined the GoodTherapy.org team in August 2014 after graduating from The Evergreen State College with dual bachelor degrees in business administration and computer science. Having cultivated his interest in technology from a young age, Kris brings a wealth of knowledge to the organization. His past experience includes helping to develop an application for NASA, creating and managing multiple websites, and programming several mobile games.

    When he isn't working, Kris likes to draw cartoons, travel, play video games, and hang out with friends.

  • Agustin Garrasino    Lead Programmer

    Agustin started with GoodTherapy.org in 2008 and became lead programmer in 2010. He enjoys working with our diverse team and continuously looks for ways to improve not only the website, but his skill set. Agustin brings many strengths to the team, including his dedication, work ethic, and long-term vision.

    In his free time, Agustin likes to step away from technology and explore the world with his girlfriend, family, and friends. He also enjoys music, playing video games, and watching films. His favorite show of all time is Seinfeld, but lately he’s found himself enjoying Mr. Selfridge and Bloodlines.

  • Julian Butti    Programmer

    Julian, who works with our team of programmers in Argentina, has been with GoodTherapy.org for about two years. The holder of a degree in information systems engineering, Julian possesses a vast skill set in web and mobile app development. He is genuinely inspired by helping his fellow programmers advance their skills and implement new processes to ensure GoodTherapy.org runs as smoothly as possible. He’s always interested in working on new projects and will do whatever it takes to help the team meet its objectives.

    In his free time, Julian loves to cook, listen to music, and follow his favorite shows—House of Cards, Game of Thrones, Hannibal, and Breaking Bad. Occasionally, he plays the bass guitar. Julian also travels the world with his girlfriend, Agostina, and they recently added a fur baby to the family named Otho, a miniature poodle.

  • Muhammad Naveed    Programmer

    Muhammad, who holds a bachelor’s degree in software engineering, has been with GoodTherapy.org as a front-end developer since 2014. He brings both front-end and back-end expertise to the programming team and has experience building desktop and mobile web applications.

    His colleagues on the programming team enjoy Muhammad’s unique sense of humor and perspective. He’s also known for helping to coordinate team-building activities.

    In his free time, Muhammad enjoys playing and watching cricket. He has a strong bond with his family and friends, and frequently travels to his hometown on weekends to spend time with them. He also likes seeing new places and experiencing new cultures and foods.

  • Rehan Raees    Programmer

    Rehan, who has been with GoodTherapy.org since 2011, holds a bachelor's of science in computer science from the University of Lahore in Pakistan.

    Efficient in both front-end design and the development of web applications, Rehan has an extensive knowledge of the web and related technologies that allows him to translate a company's business needs into an efficient online platform. He continues to deepen his knowledge of web development using PHP and MySQL.

    When he isn't doing web development work, Rehan enjoys sketching, playing badminton, and watching movies.

  • Sebastian Sperandio    Programmer

    Sebastian joined GoodTherapy.org's programming team in 2013. A systems engineering student in Rosario, Argentina, Sebastian is passionate about his work because his skills are utilized to help advance GoodTherapy.org’s mission and vision.

    In his role at GoodTherapy.org, Sebastian interacts with people from all over the world, allowing him to learn new perspectives and acquire critical language skills. He especially enjoys getting involved with group projects that expose him to new processes, techniques, and tools.

    In his free time, Sebastian loves traveling, playing the piano, and exploring new places with his girlfriend and two dogs, Theo and Ivana. He also enjoys playing rugby and watching television series such VikingsThe 100Under the DomeThe BorgiasOrange Is the New BlackModern Family, and Club de Cuervos.

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