About the Outreach and Advertising Team

Outreach and Advertising Team

The GoodTherapy.org outreach and advertising team works tirelessly to build quality, lasting relationships with other organizations and media outlets, helping to spread the message about our unique mission and vision, services, and advertising opportunities.

  • Amanda Schaeffer    Advertising Director

    Amanda, a native Washingtonian, graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelor's degree in psychology. She brings to GoodTherapy.org a vast background in sales, advertising, marketing, and management. As advertising director, she strives to promote a message of hope and compassion while expanding the reach of GoodTherapy.org to new audiences.

    When she's not fighting crime, rescuing damsels in distress, and generally making the world a better place, Amanda enjoys laughing, reading, pilates, and spending time with the love of her life, Jess.

  • Colin Matteson    Partnerships and Business Development

    Colin has lived in Washington all his life, and has invested the majority of his time fostering strong connections with the people of the Pacific Northwest. Despite heeding numerous warnings about pursuing an arts degree, he attended The Evergreen State College in Olympia and received a bachelor's degree in music and music technology. The years he spent at the school inspired his involvement in the community and his goal of continual personal growth. He is devoted to being a better version of himself each and every day.

    Colin takes tremendous pride in his work, and is passionate about making connections with people and organizations alike to spread awareness of the mission and vision of GoodTherapy.org. Outside of work, you may find him volunteering in the community, writing and performing music, looking at used records at local music shops, babysitting, or playing basketball.

  • Melissa Burgess    Content Marketer

    Melissa brings a wealth of administrative and marketing knowledge to her role as content marketer. She has studied graphics, marketing, and website design, and completed her Washington state certification as a nutritional therapy practitioner in 2015. She worked in the marketing department at the Nutritional Therapy Association for several years. Connecting people with the tools they need to be healthy and happy is one of Melissa’s passions.

    Melissa relocated to the Olympia area in 2004 and quickly fell in love with it. She spends her free time working with her family on their 3½-acre, 1920s farm. They have 25 chickens, six goats, two steers, and a giant garden.

    Melissa is fascinated with cookbooks, food photography, and cooking. She has a new love for CrossFit, and enjoys spending time outdoors hiking, camping, and skiing.

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